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Elevator Security & Safety Mirrors


90 Acrylic Mirrored Quarter Domes


Ideal for exposing hidden corners in elevators


Quick mounting

bulletMeets the requirements of New York Housing Maintenance Code 27-2042 - Mirrors in Elevators
bulletPLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL (click on the link above) FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS !!!!!

Acrylic Dome

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Our NEW Acrylic 90 corner dome [above left] offers excellent reflection qualities to view the hidden corners of Elevators or rooms. They are easily and securely surface-mounted using included mounting screws or can be installed using Velcro or double sided tape (same as used to mount automotive trim)  Mounting instructions are included.

Model # Description Ship Wt. Reg. MSRP Sale Price Quantities can be changed at Checkout*

ONV 90-12e

 6"High x 6"Wide x 6"Deep, 90-deg. Mirrored Acrylic Elevator Dome.  BEST SELLER !!!


$ 59.99

$ 26.90

ONV 90-18e

 9"High x 9"Wide x 9"Deep, 90-deg. Mirrored Acrylic Elevator Dome (Best for LARGE elevators with high ceilings)


$ 63.50

$ 29.90

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These High-Quality, Low-Cost Curved Elevator mirrors provide excellent reflection, security  and safety by showing all the hidden corners in all types of rooms or elevators: Passenger, Freight, Construction. For use by Contractors, Building Owners, Property and Condo Managers, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Government Agencies.

Last Update: 6/2015


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